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Model: ZQ191007957732
Made of 50# steel, it is easy to clean and use in your own garden. It feels comfortable and takes time...
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Brand: 其他 Model: ZQ191007676172
[Tips: The upper part of the pruning shears has two kinds of styles with holes and no holes. The quality is the same, it does not affect the use, mind carefully shot] KnifeSheet material: high quality high carbon tool steel Handle material: high quality plastic..
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Model: WOOD017582
Product Name: 16A right angle square head with magnetic splint handle iron tooth hammerNumber: 7673..
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Brand: Model: FISH523486
温馨提示:粉色颜色为透明款式我们将“用户至上、用心服务”贯穿于企业经营管理的全过程: 主动服务:先客户之想而想,先客户之急而急,在市场上领先一步。 全员服务:前台服务为标志,后台服务为支撑,网络服务为基础,将“内部服务链”与“外部服务链”紧密结合。 差异化服务:用心细分市场,精心设计方案,不断推出适应客户需求的多样化产品,为客户提供量身订做的服务。 高效服务:以客户关系管理为基础,健全营销渠道,优化服务流程,改善服务手段,以高效率的服务满足客户需求,为企业创造高效益。 优质服务:提升客户服务质量,以细致关怀感动客户,以成本实现服务。服务无止境,我们用心追求客户满意..
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Brand: 荣鑫 Model: CONSTOOL301597
Matte black covered tape measure.No professional camera focus shooting, no art to make pictures, no gorgeous pictures, only the original authentic products..
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Brand: Model: WOOD632475
Danyang Kaiseibi Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and manufacturer of pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, scissors, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, scissors, etc. It has a complete and scientific quality management system.The integrity, strength and product quality of Danyang Kaisei Tools ..
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