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Solar energy lights

Brand: 其它 Model: SOLAR822793
Name]: Solar microwave radar sensing LED wall light[Material]: Plastic ABS[Switch]: Three-speed mode: 1. Induction + micro-light mode (people come to highlight, people go slightly bright, slightly bright 10% brightness) 2. Induction mode (people come to highlight, people go off) 3. HalfBright no ind..
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Brand: Model: SOLAR856372
Note: This product is a customized product. Once it is sold, it does not support return. If you do not like the dissatisfaction, please contact customer service in time. If you do not contact customer service for more than 24 hours, you can return it. If you have used it, then you can install it.Any..
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Model: SOLAR306800
产品参数描述:产品编号:YH0416-F10产 品 名:太阳能屋檐灯太阳能板:多晶硅 80*80 2V/160mA 电 池:1.2V/2000mAh AA Ni-MH光 源:4pcs(Ф10LED/白光/30度角/8LM)流 明:30 LM色 温:6000-7000K工作时长:6-9 H充电时长:4.5H功 能:一个 ON/OFF 电源开关,使用时开关拔到0N时,太阳能板白天自动对电池充电,晚上自动亮灯.防水等级:IP44材 质:PS,PP,铝合金颜 色:白色尺 寸:12*12*5H CM其 它:ON/OFF 开关白盒尺寸:12.6*5.8..
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Brand: Model: SOLAR192808
【Name】: Solar LED lawn inserting artificial lantern [Material]: stainless steel, plastic PP, ABS [color]: white light [Switch]: light control, two-position toggle, on/off [Light source]: polycrystalline 2V 60mA, 0.5W [Specification]: Product size..
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Model: SOLAR267529
This product has white light and color light. Need to note. The product is a single price, four boxes, one light control product.[name]: solar stainless steel color LED garden lights lawn lights into the ground lamp [Material]: Stainless steel + ABS [Switch]: On, off [Light source]: amorphous silico..
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Model: SOLAR539893
The solar panels at the top are converted into electrical energy, and the daylight is converted into electrical energy by the solar panels and stored in the rechargeable battery. When it is dark at night (it can also block the solar panels by hand, so that it enters the evening mode), the solar pane..
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Model: SOLAR653554
[name]: solar 1LED plugged garden lawn lamp[Material]: stainless steel, plastic PP, ABS[color]: white light, colorful light[Switch]: light control, two-speed dialing on/off [Light source]: Single crystal 2V 25mA, 0.5W [Specification]: Product size: 4.7*4.7*36CM[Power consumption]: 1 bright 5mm white..
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Model: SOLAR174099
This product has three functions. 1. Pu Liang: At night, it has been bright, no matter whether anyone passes by.2. Pu Liang induction: At night, there are 10 lights in the half, some people are bright and bright, and after 15 seconds, they change back to 10 lights.3. Highlighting induction: It is hi..
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New 36LED Solar Body Infrared Sensor Light Solar Garden Light Home Wall Light New 36LED Solar Body Infrared Sensor Light Solar Garden Light Home Wall Light
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Brand: 其他 Model: SOLAR813223
【Name】: Solar 36 light LED induction street light[Material]: Plastic ABS[Switch]: 2nd mode: 1. Human body induction 2. Micro light[Light source]: polysilicon, 6V 250mA[Power consumption]: 36*0.1W 2835SMD white LED[Battery]: 1*3.7V 1500mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery [Size]: 18*11*3cmAfter-sales..
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