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Brand: 其他 Model: ACTOYGW0022
1. About the product Our profit margin is very small, relying on sales volume, so we will decline all forms of bargaining, and the relevant offers will be explained on the website.Due to the large supply, it is normal for the out-of-stock situation. If the goods you purchase are out of stock, we wil..
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Brand: Model: TOY275555
[product name] bathing hand grabbing the bell[product packaging] color box[product color] red / blue 2 colors random[Cleaning method] Warm water, please wipe the surface with a soft rag, do not boil,If the product is deformed due to improper operation due to personal reasons, the damage will not be ..
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Brand: 育儿宝 Model: TOY133669
[product name] pedal piano (light blue)[Package size] 55.5*12.5*45CM[product packaging] color box + express box In addition, if the bulk purchase:Regular - basic: 55 yuan,Basic - battery: 56 yuan;Basic - charging: 61.4 yuan, aircraft - charging: 72.2 yuan;Car - charging: 73.7 yuan, bee - charging: 7..
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Brand: Model: TOY922878
[product brand]: parenting treasure[product name]: blinking tumbler[product size]: 9.5*11.5[Package size]: 9*9*12[Package]: 96 / box[Outer box specifications]:77*28.5*50.5cmThe daily retail price of the network is not less than 18.8.The activity is not less than 16...
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Brand: 育儿宝 Model: TOY020090
[product name]: mobile phone remote control toy[product brand]: parenting treasure[product color]: dark / dark [random][Packing method]: window box[Battery use]: 3 7-cell batteries (sold separately) Strong alkaline batteries are not recommended.Battery link:Https://
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Brand: 育儿宝 Model: TOY468518
[product name] bee rattle[product material] ABS environmental protection[product packaging] OPP bagPurchase Notes:1. The price of the company's products is generally listed on the Ali website. All quotes are ex-factory price, excluding freight and all other expenses. All the goods are settled in RMB..
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Brand: Model: TOY474302
[product name] baby bed bell[product packaging] express box [no color box]Sales control price:Battery version: 39.9 yuan;Charging version: 49.9 yuanWholesale price: battery version: 30 yuan; charging version: 37..
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Brand: Model: TOY097592
[product name] music rattle[product packaging] color box[Color box size] 8.3*5*16.5cm[Packing amount] 150 / box[Battery use] 2 7th battery [need to be self-prepared Do not recommend strong alkaline battery]battery:Https://
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Brand: 育儿宝 Model: TOY805563
[product brand]: parenting treasure[product name]: zodiac tumbler[product size]: 7.2*9cm[Package size]: 11.5*6.5*13.5cm[Package]: 108 / box[Outer box specifications]:Tips: Tumbler eyes are closed, please know..
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Brand: 育儿宝 Model: TOY608968
[product name]: baby comforts the gums rattle[product model]: 1011-C light color[Packing method]: color box[Package size]: 12.5*12.5*12.5c[Packing quantity]: 60/2 inner box[Outer box specifications]: 78*40*56cm[Gross weight / net weight]: 15kg / 12kg Purchase Notes:1. The quotation of the company's..
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Brand: 育儿宝 Model: TOY078695
[product name] puzzle music rattle[product packaging] color box[product size] 6.5*6*19.5CM[Battery use] 2 7-cell batteries [sold separately) Strong alkaline batteries are not recommended.Battery link:Https:// The suggested ret..
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