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Model: 9856321144AG
Support a generation, buy one, please contact customer service to modify[Four sets include one-piece sheets, one-piece quilt cover, one pair (2) pillowcases] Four sets of twill sanding, new technology, fabrics with environmentally friendly printing and dyeing process, no ball, no shrinkage, moisture..
Model: 150613118
SHOPTOOL_POSITION_TOP_BEGINSHOPTOOL_Association Marketing_44726_BEGIN RecommendedFactory direct sales quality assurance cost-effective Factory direct star hotel linen hotel hotel bedding set of four satin jacquard satin four-piece ¥63.5 add to Shopping Cart Factory direct five-star feather vel..
Model: YW-nnoop
Autumn and winter new productsHot sale TOPAutumn and winter new cotton plus velvet ins cartoon four-piece set AB version of cotton plus velvet thick warm bedding package ¥105.0Buy nowMulti-standard cotton sheets one-piece printed cartoon cotton non-slip twill quilt single double student do..
Model: yanbo
Support a generation, event ordering, wholesale, retail, supermarket, gift purchase,Merchants Tel: 18362162591 (WeChat with the same number) 1: Are you still worried about not finding a real manufacturer that can't get a product with high cost performance?2: Are you still worried about not being ab..
Model: QCS-2019-3
This product is dyed and dyed for high-temperature dyeing and printing. Generally, the napkin does not fade, and the washed red and very dark colors will produce a certain floating color (normal phenomenon). The factory is a self-produced and self-selling production enterprise with rich pro..
Model: 0035
Too many patterns, more patterns can be noted a wholesale sale Q: 1774775368 Goods number: 0035 Q group download picture: 124930017(Remarks Alibaba) Want Want Online Consultation Our products are factory direct sales, not workshop-style production, there will be a slight error in the batch c..
Model: SJT-001-01
SHOPTOOL_POSITION_TOP_BEGINSHOPTOOL_图片热热_213738_BEGINSHOPTOOL_Picture Hotspot_213738_ENDSHOPTOOL_Association Marketing_21twenty two78_BEGINQuality recommendation Value feedback Simple linen pillowcase three-piece set Thick sweat-absorbent plant cotton double bed single-piece pillowcase 2 multi-pi..
Model: 长绒棉刺绣四件套
Standard 3 piece set:Including quilt cover 200*230 Sheets 245*250 Pillowcase 48*74 (1) 4 piece set:Contains quilt cover 200*230 sheets 245*250 pillowcase 48*74 (pieces)Increase: Quilt cover 220*240 sheets 245*270 pillowcase 48*74 (2)..
Model: 098
Important note: Due to the reform of Ali, there are 2 sets of approvals, so please contact customer service to change the price!!!Parents first place 2 sets first......Tips If you buy home, please take a moment to check if the kit is defective or not. After washing, using, and affecting the seco..
Model: ht00396955
Support a generation, Taobao shop free operationSupport a generationIce silk mat four-piece Quilt cover 150*200cm bed skirt 120*200cm pillowcase 48*74cm 110 yuan Only Yi Ya Qing FangQuilt cover 200*230cm bed skirt 150*200cm pillowcase 48*74cm 125 yuan All colors are in stockQuilt cover 200*230cm bed..
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