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Cellphones & Telecommunications

Cellphones & Telecommunications
Model: ZQ190803LM0074
Pure copper apple data cable, high specification customization, excellent quality! Please contact customer service for large quantities.RecommendedRECOMMENDNew desktop tablet creative multi-function lazy mobile phone bracket bed metal aluminum lazy bracketRMB:19Sold: 1032Applicable mobile phone 5v1a..
Model: ZQ190803EY0070
discount promotionFabric weaving double elbow hand tour extended data line for iphone/micro/type-c charging line3.2¥12Shaking the same streamer data line for Apple Type-C Android phone charging line LED lighting data line7¥twenty threeThe new rainbow one drag three multi-function data line 2.1A for ..
Model: ZQ190803DI0055
Merchant's Day Offer5.00full198Yuan available2018.08.16 ~ 2018.09.21Merchant's Day Offer20.00full1088Yuan available2018.08.16 ~ 2018.09.21Merchants Day Preheating Volume50.00full2018Yuan available2018.08.16 ~ 2018.09.21 Bare standard configuration:Tempered film + shockproof foam bag. Buyers notice:..
Model: ZQ190801MB0018
Our company has long been focusing on the development and processing of various DIY diamond pendant mobile phone cases.Undertake various OEM processing, sample processing, manual processing and other orders, and establish long-term stable and good relations of cooperation with major foreign trade co..
Model: ZQ190801KT0012
Price DescriptionUnder normal circumstances: the price of the line: the price of the line may be the sales guide price of the product or the sales price of the product once displayed, not the original price, for reference only.Unlined price: The unlined price is the sales price of the goods on the A..
Model: ZQ190801AM0023
[product name]: 3D diamond pattern diamond phone case[Applicable models]: iPhone series[product material]: high quality[Features]: anti-fall mobile phone case[Supply method]: Spot is now approved[delivery delivery]: rhyme [Delivery time]: Orders before 18:00 will be sent out as soon as possible.[Def..
Model: ZQ190803RP0020
What our company can doSpot ordering: own brand, stock spot, which one is worth.Enterprise OEM: design and production all-inclusive, paste your brand name;Development design: according to ID style drawings, new custom new products.There is a lot of price: a large number of real single customers, wel..
Model: ZQ190803HY0062
Note: The three strong HD tempered glass film quality products for long-term supply, please contact customer service!Let sincerity and preferential prices!Bring us long-term cooperation!If you need to bring packaging or do not know directly contact customer service! Integrity mana..
Model: ZQ190803JM0050
Committed to the design, development, production and sales of mobile phone case.It mainly produces silicone protective shells, TPU protective shells, two-in-one protective shells, and leather cases.We have our own R&D capabilities from mold making, injection molding, two-color injection molding, and..
Model: ZQ190803HU0007
New iPhone X mobile phone case leather thin iphone7 mobile phone shell Apple 8 protective cover can be customized [product name] leather phone case[product material] top layer cowhide[product weight] 30G【Product packaging】Standard OPP bag, need carton packaging and contact customer service[Make the..
Model: ZQ190803GD0065
Note: iPhone8/iphone 8 plus/iphone x tempered glass film high-end boutique products for long-term supply, please contact customer service!Let sincerity and preferential prices!Bring us long-term cooperation!The following pictures are all taken by the mobile phone. If you need to bring the package or..
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